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released May 20, 2017

All songs written & recorded by
Matt Glista (guitar/vocals) & Ryan Glista (bass)

Audio mixed & mastered by
Matt Glista (Sausalito Studios)

Cover art by
Zachary Amato (

The Bubbs would especially like to thank
our friends, family, & bandmates.



all rights reserved


The Bubbs Bartlett, Illinois

Matt & Ryan Glista, brothers from Streamwood, IL, like to write soundtracks for space travel, apocalyptic dreams, & wild imaginations.

Live crew includes:
Tony Cascio (drums), Dan Karys (synth)

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Track Name: Boy on the Shelf
Drive into the summer sunrise
Blinded by everything else
I step into the land of plenty
Where I’m just a boy on the shelf

And they buy, yeah they buy
They buy expensive things
And they fight, yeah they fight
They fight against their greed
The air we breathe and the blood we bleed

Some people live without a single worry
Others, they cry through the night
Some cheat the system, but I’m in no hurry
To give up my man-given rights

And they lie, yeah they lie
They’re lying through their teeth
And they die, yeah they die
They die out in the streets

And it was no accident
No, it was no accident
One life stolen is another spent
Track Name: Incidental Drift
I know you would tell me
All I wanted to know
I wish I could tell you
But I, but I’m a bit slow
And in your reaction
I know something’s amiss

I know I should tell you
But I’m biding my time
A minor omission
Is it really a crime?
So now I’m the catalyst
Of this incidental drift
Track Name: Paradigm
Golden wine
Drink it till your mind's eye
Wanders off to find
Memories of the time when

She was alive
And everything was fine
A reason to all rhyme
Break the paradigm

Clinging to the trinkets
That she left behind
Symbols of a time when

She was alive
And everything was fine
A reason to all rhyme
Break the paradigm
Track Name: Own Devices
Get lost in the sound, get lost in the sound
It’s blowing up, never coming down
We’re lost in the sound, we’re lost in the sound
Way up high, can’t be heard from the ground
So come on

There’s no time to be indecisive
I think it’s time we be left to our own devices

What have you found, oh what have you found?
The nights get longer as we’re spinning around
What have you found, what have you finally found?
Your blood gets thinner with the stars abound
So come on

There’s no time to be indecisive
I think it’s time we be left to our own devices
Track Name: Take What You Can (And Run For Your Life)
You’ve got your orders
And I’ve got mine
You’ve got no patience
I can’t spare the time
Seems like we’ve reached the
End of the line
So take what you can and
Run for your life

Take what you can and run for your life

You are the seeker
While I’m the sublime
You’ve got a keeper
I leave it behind
We’ve got to beat this
Hopeless demise
So take what you can and
Run for your life

Take what you can and run for your life
Track Name: Liquid Courage
See the one you've always had an eye out for
What have you got to lose?
Liquid courage flows in you
Free to take your chances on an open door
What have you got to prove?
She ain't gonna wait for you

So come on
Move along
Yeah, go on
Where you belong

Go make an impression she won't soon forget
What have you got to lose?
You've got the swagger, now go put on the moves
You know this little woman ain't seen nothing yet
What have you got yo prove?
I know you're tired of always singing the blues

So come on
Move along
Yeah, go on
Where you belong
Track Name: Walk to Water
Get up out of bed
Slide to the sink
Turn on the faucet
Fill up your cup and drink
Tell me, do you ever stop to think?
You never had to walk a mile to water

Step in through the door
Wipe off your feet
Flick of a switch
Let there be light and heat
Tell me, do you ever taste defeat?
You never had to spend a night in the gutter

Start up your car
Drive to the store
Find what you need
Buy all you want and more
Tell me, has your life become a bore?
I can’t imagine all the hardship you suffer
Track Name: UltraViolet High
The sun on the horizon
Is beaming oh so bright
A ball of gas that rises
And fills the world with light
I feel it in the daytime
Just chilling in the sky
The warmth, it keeps me smiling
In my ultraviolet high

But when the storm rolls in
I force myself inside
Where every minute’s like
An hour rolling by
I lay my head to rest
And slowly close my eyes
‘Cause in my dreams, you know it’s
Sunny all the time

The sun on the horizon
Is glowing oh so bright
A ball of plasma setting
And stealing all the light
I saw her in the morning
And afternoon delight
We hung out through the evening
But now it’s time to say goodnight
Track Name: Caught in the Rain
They say time is of the essence
I think I've got enough
And they say we take it for granted
So I'm calling their bluff
'Cause it's my time to shine
And leave all their warnings behind

They say we're getting aggressive
But it's all in their heads
'Cause we're the ones feeling the damage
From their cigarettes
Well it's our air to breathe
So let's fill it with profanities

I got caught in the rain
Without my umbrella

They say that the world is ending
Yeah, well maybe for them
And they say there's not enough spending
But I'm already spent
On all their fancy words and those
Flightless birds of paradise

I got caught in the rain
Without my umbrella
Track Name: Exodus
I wake up in the middle of the night
To a most alarming sight
The planet alight
I suit up, head down to mission control
Where the sirens warble
A signal to go

Blue flame from the thrusters came
How it used to look so tame
In a letterbox frame
Outer space
Such a beautiful place
For the end of a race

Touch down on the alien ground
As a sensor reads the sound
I step out of the vessel to find
The last hope for mankind
Track Name: Motives (VIP Seats to the End of the World with Buttered Popcorn)
Blasting off the earth and fleeing from the danger
Waving all our last goodbyes to Mother Nature

Little blue planet in an endless void
Turning white in the wake of an asteroid

But all is not lost as we're flying away
To a new sanctuary for the human race

2112 is what the captain plays
Through the astral nights and galactic days
Track Name: Frontlines
If everyone was on the frontlines
Would you still find the time
To ping me from the satellites
And say your last goodbye?

I know it seems unlikely
That we’d suffer such a fate
But when they start the fighting
How will you retaliate?

Please don’t stay, run away
Please don’t say “it’s too late”

We saddled up only to settle down
On a world so far from home
Thought we could pick up and start over again
But I guess we should’ve known better
How will they find us light-years away
Off Kepler four ninety-seven?
And if we die amidst the cosmos
Will we still make it to heaven?
Just tell me what I want to hear
‘Cause I’m tired of living in fear

Please don’t stay, float away
Please don’t say “astral grave”
Please don’t stay, fly away
Please don’t say “it’s too late”
Track Name: On the Inside
Tick-tock, I’m atop my pedestal
Unkempt and undreamt, an animal
See what you call the Midwest, I call home
Content in my bubble, just leave me alone

Solar flare, polar vortex, genocide
It’s all the same to me, closing up the blinds
And who cares about the consequences
That we bestow on younger generations?
The weather’s always fine on the inside

Living in denial, ignorance runs wild
Avert your eyes from the TV
Can’t count on tomorrow when all my time is borrowed
Standing here just wondering and waiting for the end
Does anybody know when the mountain blows?
Does anybody know when the lightbulb stops glowing?
Does anybody know where the blue blood flows?
Does anybody know when their heartbeat stops?